The Danger Of Third Party Candidates

The Two Party System has devolved into a totally dysfunctional mess reminiscent of a kindergarten playgound .  It no longer serves the people and should come to an end.

However, this is not the moment.  We are plagued with the two worst possible candidates, neither of which should ever have been on the ballot and both of whom will embarrass the country in the eyes of the world and cause Global hardships.  The American people have already lost just by having these two in the process at all.

Many are recommending voting for a third party candidate, or writing in a name.  Neither should be done at this point.

The Monster MUST be defeated resoundingly.  It must be shown that his ways will never be allowed.

For competent, rational, clear thinking adults, there is only one choice, as horrible as it is.  As much as I despise her, there is only one name on the ballot that can be considered.  Once she’s elected, Congress can begin the task of impeaching her and indicting Comey and Lynch for their complicity.

Hopefully quick action will help to restore some minor level of dignity to the political system and a Third Party candidate can be elected in four years.

But for now, the single most important task is to